Variable Resistor

by insouciant

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released June 20, 2013

written and performed by insouciant who is adam, bryan, john, and raul.

recorded and mixed spring 2013 by bryan kwasnik at blue comet recording.
mastered by kevin carafa.



all rights reserved


insouciant Rockaway, New Jersey

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Track Name: Unending, Unraveling
how do we get out of this contract that was implied by our actions
we are so small and just one
all of a sudden i notice there's no choices there's no options
i can't decide which lie is mine
just try not to take part in our unending unraveling

replaceable parts
you'll find none
just throw it away

lets keep our damage in perspective and show how much we love
Track Name: Seemed
last time it seemed so perfect
but now i feel uncertain
sorry for this time i take now
because i have to figure this out

but i welcome change
with a dash of fear
whatever comes my way
i'll be right here

somewhere deep down something's changed it seems i don't know you
i could sit here in stagnance forever but i don't want to
Track Name: Solid Bond
it certainly was in our best interest this was holding
us together my friend my brother, always

what could be stronger than what was holding us
together like two porous surfaces
a solid bond
Track Name: Over and Over
as long as i hold my breath
everything will make perfect sense
but every time that i breath i take what
what you need
over and over

now i am
no i'm not
i turned it off
but it won't stop

it wont stop
Track Name: Variable Resistor
over time resolve erodes
we adjust the amount we resist
just like a

we each have our own set
of circumstances that determine our stance

show me the point
of alive and forlorn
calculate the likelihood
yr environment will devour you