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released May 17, 2010

recorded by Bryan Kwasnik in early 2010
mastered by Chad Clark @ Silver Sonya



all rights reserved


insouciant Rockaway, New Jersey

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Track Name: skeleton
so if yr scared of yr skeleton
i'll make sure that you never see it
i'll tell you when to cover yr eye's
untill those bones are out of yr sight

and when yr ready
i'll help you face it
we'll have a mantra
for the occasion

Track Name: capture the flag
i don't want to be surprised
the same old, same old suits me fine
i don't need you to pretend to let me win

and we run from left to right with our home bases in sight
and you said, "i got you, you're out" and you said, "i got you you're out."

i wish i kept still on your front steps
with everything you sold at the garage sale

and we run from left to right with our home bases in sight
and you said, "i got you, you're out" and you said, "i got you you're out."

if you capture the flag and make it back
it will last.
Track Name: heart's desire
i'm on my way to a specific destination
i keep forgetting where i am going
i have inanimate objects straped into
the seat belt
because i want them to be safe

it is my
heart's desire
to be still
without wire

i'm coming back but i'm already late
my eta is a couple weeks off
if i could be cast into concrete
i would just ooze out
i could be
a puddle within your hands (you are not captive)
Track Name: natural
i'll be lucky if i get any sleep
but it's not looking good to me
no it's not looking good to me

this hasn't worked the last ten times
and i'm running out of ideas

i dont think this suits me that well
like hand me downs two sizes too big
but i'll just stand here and pretend to care
i'll just stand here and pretend it fits

i try so hard to make it seem natural.
Track Name: d.c.
On our way home from Washington d.c.
listening to what drove us there
four hours was not long enough
to see what we were going to have become
if you want you can say, nothing is changed
but nothing is the same
Track Name: dresser
when we saw a dresser on
the side of the road
we saw something we could put our lives in
but its O.k. if it doesn't fit
somethings just get nixed
we can throw out those worn jeans
and that shirt that you keep threatening
to wear but (you know i wont)
so lets just get rid of it